Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to Handcrafting With Love, the personal website ( and blog ( of SusanBLuvsCrafts (also known as SusanB).

The Handcrafting With Love blog ( is hosted by Blogger and subject to the Google privacy policy in addition to this this privacy policy.

What information is collected when you visit the Handcrafting With Love website or blog?
  1. Information about your visit

    Both the website and blog use Google Analytics to track things like how many visitors come to the website and blog, which pages are the most popular, what websites are sending visitors to Handcrafting With Love, and which browsers you are using.

    Google Analyitics uses cookies to collect information about your device type, operating system type, browser type, domain, other system settings, IP-address, referring URLs, information on actions taken on the sites and the dates and times of your visits, as well as the country and time zone in which your device is located. The information obtained through these cookies will be disclosed to or collected directly by Google Analytics.

    SusanB has turned on IP Anonymization in Google Analytics so Google anonymizes your IP address as soon as technically feasible. For more information, please visit:

    For more information about Google's cookie and information practices (including the types of cookies used and their expiration date), please visit Google Analytics. Google provides a web browser add-on you may install to block Google Analytics cookies. Please visit Alternatively, you may modify the cookie settings in your web browser. Look at your browser's Help Menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. Handcrafting With Love still works if you turn off cookies.

  2. Information you provide when you leave a comment on the blog (

    This includes your comment and the user id identifying you. Blogger stores this information, so if you leave a comment the Google privacy policy also applies. SusanB may archive blog content, including comments, to her personal computer. SusanB may decide to move the blog to another blogging platform, in which case comments will be exported from Blogger and imported to the new blog site.

  3. Email

    If you send SusanB an email, she will use the information in the email, including your email address, to respond to your message. Your email and SusanB's reply are stored off-line on her personal computer which is protected by purchased Internet Security software.

Is your data shared?
The only times your data is seen by anyone but SusanB is:
  • When Google Analytics collects information about visits to the Handcrafting With Love website or blog (see above "information about your visit" section).
  • When you leave a comment on the blog, Blogger stores the comment and displays it for anyone to read.

    Handcrafting With Love will never sell or share your email address.

What if you want to delete a comment you left on the blog?
If you left a comment on the Handcrafting With Love blog (, please send an email to with the http address of the blog post containing the comment and a description of the comment you want deleted.