Favorite Links

Breast Cancer Site Please visit The Breast Cancer Site daily and click on the pink button to help fund mammograms for women. It costs nothing to click.

***Some Fun and useful web sites***

MetaCrawler -- Super Web searching service that integrates results from several of the most popular search engines on the web.
Dilbert Comic Strip
Dilbert by Scott Adams

snoopy.com -- the official Peanuts web site!

Crochet Partners Crochet Partners Home Page is affiliated with the Crochet Partners email list.
ball of yarn Crochet Musings is affililated with the Crochet List email list.

Crochet Cabana is a site with lots of useful crochet information, links, patterns and it's own sponsored charity, Preemie Afghans for Charity. crossstitch Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework, and Stitchery Page -- The collected wisdom of the rec.crafts.textiles.needlework newsgroup.
variable star block World Wide Quilting Page A vast collection of quilting knowledge and quilt block patterns. The site includes an active Bulletin Board, trading post, user hints, classified ads, links to other quilt-related resources and much more. A lot of the information on the FAQ's (Frequent Asked Questions) page was originally collected on the QuiltNet email list a few years ago; I'm sure there have been updates and additions to the original QuiltNet info.